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MOVEP 2012 (from 3 to 7 of december 2012)

Tuesday 17 April 2012

The 10th school of MOVEP (MOdelling and VErifying parallel Processes) will take place at the CIRM in Luminy (Marseille) and will be hosted by the LIF from 3 to 7 of december 2012.
MOVEP 2012

The purpose of MoVeP is to bring together researchers, students and people from industry working in the fields of control and verification of concurrent and reactive systems. The school seeks to offer a broad spectrum of current research in this area of theoretical and applied computer science. The topics covered by MoVeP 2012 include model checking, synthesis, abstract interpretation, real-time and probabilistic systems, logic, games, Petri nets, security, etc.
The program of the School consists of six 2h30 tutorials and five 1h30 talks.

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Journée “Implementability and Robustness of Timed Systems” le 29 mars 2012

Monday 2 April 2012

Journée “Implementability and Robustness of Timed Systems” de l’ANR Impro


  • 10h30 — 11h15 Ocan Sankur, “Shrinking Timed Automata”
  • 11h15 — 12h15 Mathieu Sassolas, “Opacité probabiliste”
  • 13h45 — 14h30 Sandie Balaguer “Transformation de TPN en NTA qui préserve la distribution”
  • 14h30 — 15h00 Arnaud Sangier, “Verification of Probabilistic Timed Automata”
  • 15h00 — 15h30 Loïc Helouët ‘Robustesse dans les Timed-constrained MSCs”
  • 15h30 — 16h15 Rémi Jaubert “Robsutesse dans les TA”

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